My name is Sarah Sayers, I’m an amateur photographer. For the last three years I have become addicted to taking photographs of our local countryside.

Only a few years ago, my everyday life was, get up, go to work, go to bed, repeat. Now it’s get up, have coffee, go hiking and take pictures of our amazing home in Donegal.

Photography has changed me as a person for the better. I’ve quit smoking, become way more active, ¬†and got to know so many people and I get to use my Canon 6D to capture the aurora borealis on our shoreline, the magical landscapes all around. Every picture is different and some tell a story. I also upload timelapses on vimeo which I really enjoy doing also. I always like a challenge. Hope you enjoy my photography.

Here is a small selection of my work. You can view more in the Galleries section of this website.